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IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Flashlight Review

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The Bottom Line

The Imalent MS18 Super Bright Flashlight delivers 100,000 lumens, easily placing it in the first position of the brightest flashlight on the market. Not only does the MS18 deliver high output, but they built it to last through the ages, making it a top choice.

IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Flashlight Review

At a Glance

  • Lumens: 100,000
  • Waterproofing: IP-56
  • Reach of beam: 1350 Meters
  • Battery: 32,000mAh Pack with 8 21700 Li-ion Cells
  • Battery life: 14 Hours
  • Bulbs: 18 Pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs

The Basics

IMALENT set out on a mission to outfit outdoor professionals that are “engaged in unforgiving activities” with the gear they need to stay safe and get the job done. IMALENT has taken the leading position in bright lights by creating the MS18 Ambassador. This light defeats all others that may claim to be the brightest out there with ease.

Design and features

Durable Construction

They housed the IMALENT MS18 Ambassador within a high-performance shock-resistant aluminum alloy casing that delivers toughness without all the weight, making it easy to carry around with one hand and as trustworthy as an airplane’s exterior. The company has designed this torch to be shock-resistant up to 1.5 meters. There’s no fear of potential damage by accidentally dropping the torch.  

The OLED screen displays the current percentage of battery life and how much power is remaining. The purpose of the screen is to enable you to use the torch for as long and as efficiently as possible. 

The MS18 is rated at IP56 waterproof level, with an impact resistance of 1.5 meters. This means it is highly dust resistant and can withstand low-pressure sprays of water coming its way. If you’re out hunting and a storm rolls in, there’s no need to worry about the light sputtering out. 

IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Flashlight features

High-powered Bulbs

The IMALENT has built the MS18 to last. There is a 50,000-hour lifespan of the eighteen XHP70.2 LED lights, which utilizes eighteen times the power of torches on the market with one XHP70.2. The combined design elements of this torch enable it to reach up to 1350 meters, almost an entire mile away. 

The XHP70.2 LED lights are the next generation of Extreme High Power LEDs. They were built using the latest high-power LED technology; as a result, they deliver the lowest system cost and improve the lumen density, voltage characteristics, reliability, and optical performance. 

The bulbs deliver a wide range of light power with nine different settings. The range of power you can use extends from 700 lumens to 100,000 lumens. For reference, a car’s beam is typically around 700 lumens, and this torch is 50 times brighter. Lumens are used as the measure of how much light you are getting from a bulb. There is also a strobe setting that can be highly effective in an emergency. 

The sheer power of these bulbs requires an inlet and outlet fan that operates in silence. A built-in heat pipe radiator helps keep the system at the preferred temperature needed to operate safely. 

The MS18 has an impressively wide range design. The designers used textured reflectors that throw the beam out to the side effectively. It is truly astonishing how wide of a space this light will brighten. 

IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Flashlight Bulb

Long Battery Life

The battery utilized is a 32,000mAh battery pack with 821 700 lithium-ion cells that runs for 14 hours. The light can put out 100,000 lumens for an entire minute before dropping its level down. Essentially, this means that the battery pack is massive and holds a lot of power. 

The problem here is that once you hit the one-minute mark, you’ve drained a considerable amount of your battery life. To use this light to its full potential, you need to sacrifice a lot of time. That being said, efficiently utilizing the different settings can still bring a lot of bright light for an extended period of time. 

When the light runs out of battery, the high-powered charger will have it fully restored in just a few hours. As mentioned above, the torch has an OLED screen on its side, alerting you to its power levels—helping to ensure that you never run out of battery when you are out in the dark.

IMALENT MS18 Super Bright Flashlight Battery

Other Features

The IMALENT provides the convenience of carrying the torch over your shoulder with its shoulder strap. With purchasing the torch, you will receive a five-year warranty on all of their lights, which is a great piece of comfort when making such a large purchase. 

Compare and Contrast


The IMALENT R90C is IMALENT’s is a step down in high-powered lights. The light still has an impressive output of 20,000 lumens and will throw the beam up to 1679 meters. While it has many similar features to the MS18, there are some significant differences, other than the obvious power output. 

The R90C uses 9 XHP35 LEDs from CREE, which are highly powerful bulbs. You can control these in 5 different settings to explore a range of brightness depending on your situation. 

While there is no built-in radiator or fan, the R90C has a thermal control module to adjust the torch’s brightness when the bulbs start to overheat. This is helpful to save both the light and the battery. 

Built to IPX-8 waterproofing standards, you can bring the R90C into 2 meters of water without fear; this is a great solution to nighttime snorkeling or free diving if you aren’t planning on going too deep. 

The R90C has a couple of minor features that are a great practical benefit to some situations. The torch’s side has lights that can be used as a bedside lamp or lantern while camping. With a quick press of the switch, you can bring light to an entire area without blinding everyone.

IMALENT MS18 vs IMALENT R90C Comparison Table

Max Lumens100,00020,000
Beam Distance1350m1679m
Water ResistanceIP-56IPX-8

What’s in the box 

The IMALENT MS18 comes stored within a carrying case, a shoulder strap, a user manual, and a high-powered charger. It comes ready to use after charging, so there’s no complicated assembly or design to get around. 

Imalent whats in the box


The IMALENT MS18 has proven itself to easily be the brightest light on the market today. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also impressively durable. Using this in any outdoor situation will bring you a lot of confidence and assurance. 

The IMALENT MS18 is the light to pick when you go on any nighttime canyon explorations, late evening hunts, caving endeavors, or just when you need the comfort of the sun in your palms. Even when storms, dust, or rain hit you, you will find your way because of the durable build of the MS18. 

As any outdoor professional can tell you, sometimes you need the absolute best that money can buy. Safety comes down to reliable equipment that won’t put you in a dangerous situation. If you are out shopping for the best of the best, grab the MS18. It won’t let you down, and it will give you light for 50,000 hours. If that’s not enough for you, then you may need to just buy two. 

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