David Harris

David Harris

David is an avid outdoorsman who loves fresh air and cool gear. He grew up in Alaska and has been a survival skills trainer and outdoor writer for over 20 years. He enjoys hunting, fishing, snow-shoeing, and camping with his dog Jeff. David has a garage stocked with gear that he still thoroughly believes he'll need someday, while his wife would love to sell it all and buy a small car.

The 5 Best Holographic Sights

So, you have a great hunting weapon and are looking for a new scope or sight? You might need to look for a sight that will set you apart from the rest of the competition, and nothing can do this better than a holographic sight. Being part of a trio...

10 Best 1000 Lumen Flashlight

The 7 Best 1000 Lumen Flashlights

Lighting is one of the fastest-evolving technologies in recent years. For decades incandescent lighting was the staple choice for mobile and fixed lighting. However, we’ve seen LED technology take over at a rapid pace, and we continue to...

Best Night Vision Scope - PointOptics

The 5 Best Night Vision Scopes

Night vision scopes may come in all shapes and sizes, but the technology used to power them typically falls into a few simple categories: Digital Night Vision, Gen 1, 2, and 3-night vision, and thermal imaging. Thermal imaging, however, is often...

Best Rangefinders

The 10 Best Rangefinders

Apart from your bow or rifle, a rangefinder is one of the most useful pieces of equipment to have with you on a hunt. Unless you are a seasoned pro who is able to accurately estimate the distance to your target, a good quality rangefinder will...

Celestron Nature cover

The 10 Best Binoculars

Buying a pair of binoculars today isn’t as easy as it was back in the day. There are a few reasons for this, but the most notable one is the sheer amount of options, as well as the technological advancements. To begin with, a few years ago you only...