Bryn De Kocks

Bryn De Kocks

Bryn has spent more than a decade of experience in birding and almost two decades in photography. His time outdoors usually revolves around finding rare bird species in his area or photographing landscapes and natural disasters. His experience as a birder has allowed him to understand the importance of good optics in the field.

How to Use Binoculars

While it may seem intuitive, learning how to use binoculars effectively and efficiently can take a bit of practice. For many first-time users, they assume all that’s needed is to place them in front of their eyes and look through them...

Anker Bolder LC40 Flashlight Review

The Bottom LineThe Anker Bolder LC40 offers customers a reliable LED flashlight that has USB recharging, Cree technology, and an 18-month warranty. The performance is impressive, as is the build quality. While this flashlight isn’t the highest...

10 Best Digital Camera Binoculars

The Best Digital Camera Binoculars

Digital camera binoculars are a relatively new product to the market, especially when considering that traditional binoculars have been available for centuries. Sure, initial iterations were more limited than today, with those products usually found...